“Spareness of language. Excruciating honesty....Forgiveness.”
Gerald Stern, Satisfied With Havoc.

“Cutting edge simplicity. This is avant garde!”
Mary Ann Samyn, Satisfied With Havoc (Review Revue) .

“One of the constant strengths in Jo McDougalll’s poetry is an abiding sense of place....These poems are solid to their collective core.”
M. J. Melneck, Dirt (The Pitsburgh Quarterly OnLine).

“After reading McDougall’s poems you’ll sit there for a moment, wondering what just brushed by and raised the hairs on your arm.”
Sue Ellen Thompson, Dirt.

“Call it magic, call it art: either way, McDougall’s poetry is something like a miracle.”
Kelly Cherry, Dirt.

“One of the most winning things about what Jo McDougall makes is how marvelously they pretend not to be poems. Ah, but they are!”
Miller Williams, Dirt.

“McDougall gives voice to the ineffable emotions of plain people.”
Judith Kitchen, From Darkening Porches. (Georgia Review).

“...finely observed, precisely felt, often mordant insights into the finality of ordinary life...”.
Fred Chappell, Towns Facing Railroads.

“...a fine ear tuned to the idiom and the subtle rhythms of American speech.”
George Garrett, Towns Facing Railroads.

“This is artful work, and serious work, and I much admire its spare notation and epigrammatic concisions.”
Howard Nemerov, The Woman in the Next Booth.

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